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Crock-Pot Healthy Cooking 

The 2015 North Providence community needs assessment indicated that healthy access to food was a concern for North Providence residents. A 2016 elementary and middle school survey illustrated the need for youth to learn how to cook their own healthy meals, learn knife safety, and understand the recommended amount of macronutrients needed per day to grow and be healthy. The crock-pot cooking program addresses these needs. Each week a new recipe is cooked in a crock-pot during the day. The students taste-test the meal, receive the ingredients necessary to cook the meal during the week in their free crock-pot, and prep any necessary foods during class. Pre and post-test data indicate that students are more likely to consume fresh, hot, healthy meals during the week even if a parent isn’t home to make it. 

The Food Sub-Committee discussed getting crock pots donated to teach families how to prepare economically and kid friendly dinners.


El Subcomité de Alimentos habló acerca de conseguir ollas de cocción lenta para donarlos a las familias y enseñarles cómo preparar cenas adecuadas y económicamente para los niños.

A Place At The Table - Official Trailer

You can learn more on how hunger poses serious economic, social and cultural implications for our nation at Take Part